On 29th of January, Soundsensing participated in The Factory’s Demo Day with 3 other startups. The Factory has been awarded the Best Nordic Accelerator/Incubator award recently and we are very happy to be a part of such a great community.

The event started with the talk by Siv Harstad, who is an entrepreneur and an adventurer. She is the first Norwegian woman to climb Mt. Everest from the Nepal side and the 10th Norwegian to climb all the 7 Summits! If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. She gave a very motivational and inspirational talk about how to achieve ones’ dreams when confronted with challenges. You could only imagine what challenges there are when you climb Mt. Everest, and Siv got blind for 24 hours when reaching the summit, which meant she had to climb back completely trusting her colleagues and her senses. Truly incredible story!

Siv Harstad giving a talk on The Factory Demo Day.

After that we heard some really interesting stories from The Factory’s alumni startups, such as Empower, Luca, NorQuant, Parallelo, Zeipt and Enin. These companies have really managed to take their ideas, soldier through challenges, numerous ‘no’ and burnouts and come out the other side telling us about their successes and great future ahead. What a motivation boost!

Pitch time. TestHub, MiraiEx, Soundsensing and Eiendomsappen all took the stage to present their pitches to an audience of more than 200 people.

Ole Johan in his element. Go Soundsensing!

It was incredibly interesting to hear all the ideas, progress and ambitions of all the startups. We would like to congratulate Eiendomsappen for winning the Demo Day pitch competition – you guys rock! We loved being a part of it, enjoyed every second of the event and the atmosphere.

Ole Johan and Jon signing the Demo Day poster.

The event didn’t end without an after party, and if someone knows how to throw one, it’s The Factory. We left feeling inspired, motivated, more ambitious than ever and just grateful for such a great community of people that The Factory has gathered. Ideas prevail, and sharing them with other like-minded people feels amazing.