Hi! We are Soundsensing and we care about noise and data. Adding those two together we have created the Soundsensing Noise Monitor, which you can read about in our blog post. We are based in Startup Lab, Oslo, and are a part of The Factory startup accelerator/incubator.

Our team consists of Jon Nordby, who is our CTO and experienced developer, proficient with hardware design, manufacturing and firmware, but his specialty is in backend programming. Recently went back to uni to complete (NMBU’s first!) MSc in machine learning. Experience as dev lead in hotshot SF startups, as well as having founded and run his own company previously. List is too long, the man is a wizard.

Ole Johan Aspestrand Bjerke, our CEO who graduated from MSc entrepreneurship summer 19´. He has tried to absorb and rack up as much experience as possible in short career – for example working (successfully) for a MedTech startup in Houston Texas as part of Grunderskolen 2018; hired as EcoG’s (German EV startup) first man in Norway during studies as well as an internship in Katapult Accelerator. This guy knows his stuff and is ready to tell you about it.

Erik Sjølund, our Head of Design with background in Sourcing, Hardware Design, Manufacturing. Finishing MSc in engineering. Experience with hardware design, building cool stuff and gadgets his whole life.

Our first pilot kit is up and running and we are looking forward to the future with a better understanding of noise and what it does to us.

Jon Nordby, Ole Johan Aspestrand Bjerke and Erik Sjølund.